Overcoming Obstacles: On a positive note…

If you have nothing nice to say… say nothing at all.

Good riddance 2014 – the above statement is no longer my theme!! Hence the radio silence on the blog postings for a while.

Phew! It’s a good thing I finally came up for air!

2014 was easily the most challenging year of my life both in positive and negative ways (unfortunately more negative than positive… but, who’s counting?) Well, I’m counting.

I’m sure this is where you expect me to rehash all the negatives of 2014 and proceed to balance them out with the positives … but I won’t.

The past year has taught me that finding happiness begins with your state of mind. Happiness is a choice. For the longest time, I believed that the people I associated myself with were my road to happiness – I was relying on the actions of others to make ME happy. Yes, hind site is 20/20 and I now see how much sense that state of mind does NOT make – but it’s the truth.

This belief caused me to set my expectations of others so high that when things didn’t go the way I thought the should, I was disappointed. I was getting angry with the people who meant the most to me because I expected them to exhibit behaviors that made me happy. Now, I know admitting this makes me sound terrible but hang with me here…

This thought process caused me to feel and act frustrated and disappointed with my friends, family and in every attempted romantic relationship.

I can’t say that there was one event or life changing moment that made me open my eyes and come to the conclusion that happiness comes from within. What I can attribute this change in perspective to is the culmination of the following: faith in God, reflection, education, forgiveness, patience, understanding, growth, open mindedness, and these are just the beginning.

Part of my reflection is this blog. Knowing that what I write here is published publicly forces me to think and re-think what I write and how I am being perceived. At the same time, the reflective nature of this writing is also a bit like standing naked in front of strangers and saying “here I am…”!

Ha! And with that, I’ll leave you with this: Happiness is a state of mind that flourishes when your perspective remains positive and your actions are in line with the same. Choosing to be happy is one of the most selfish things you can do that leads to a very selfless mindset.

In 2015, I choose to be happy and I wish the same for you.


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