Shame on me!

It’s been five months… FIVE MONTHS!! Since my last post. Seriously?! Shame on me.

I suppose the old rule of ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’ has applied during this time gap. March 27th was my last post and for those of you who know me personally, you know that my life has been one traumatic event after another since a couple weeks before that.

Oy, I’ll spare you all the gruesome details …. well most, anyway. I can hardly speak of ‘lessons learned’ without mentioning the cause of the epiphany now can I?

Sheesh – I’ve learned some life lessons this year and while I’ve been learning those hard lessons, everyone else has too.

The rollercoaster of dismissed from school, readmitted to school, laid off without notice, unemployment hearing and a lawyer, first class back to school canceled, poor food choices, bad drinking habits, slacking fitness, constant ‘thanks but no thanks’ automatic emails from jobs applied to, blah blah blah…. whiny whiny Kara.

Finally after gaining 20 lbs and having a couple of financial mishaps slap me in the face, I’ve snapped out of it. Thank God!

And with that, I’m back!

2014-08-15 22.38.33

What I haven’t done enough of is recognize the triumphs of my friends and  family and appropriately express my gratitude for those people sticking by me through the worst of it. So, it’s better late than never, right?

To my parents: I can’t thank either of you enough for not giving up on me through all of this – I’ve literally put ya’ll through hell and back. You’re in the middle of supporting multiple members of our family and you both still seem to find time to support me and all the crazy things I choose to do. Most of all, thank you for your growing candid-ness. I’ve needed those “get your sh*t together” words more lately than anytime before and you’re beginning to be OK saying them to me. I aim to mirror your success as people, parents, and in life in general.

To my Sister: I am so proud to see you working toward the things you want in life. It comes a little at a time and while I’ve been drowning in my own turmoil, you’ve been graciously wading your way through learning what it means to be married. Thanks for sharing my tears, drinks and Gossip Girl ❤

To Maggie and Nichole: I can’t thank you girls enough for listening to my whiny ass these past few months. You both have been there for me through it all – thick and thin. Maggie, I am so proud of the incredible mother and wife you’ve grown into. This deployment has been especially hard on you and your family – and you’ve conquered it with grace. It takes a strong, intelligent, extraordinary woman to do everything you’ve done. You’ve been a single Mom, you’ve worked part-time (or mandatory over-time – thanks ACA!!), you’ve sold your first home, you’ve raised an adventurous little boy, you’ve supported your husband from afar… all while Rob has been deployed. Nichole, you married a wonderful man earlier this year and you’ve been conquering life as it’s thrown hurdles at you. Youve been faced with choices, responsibilities and dilemmas no one our age should have to go through, but you’ve done it beautifully. I’m proud of you and can’t wait to see you take your next step.

Mama Lo Lo, Andrea and Tristan: I miss you girls terribly and I’m sorry that distance has hindered communication more than it should have.

Kristin: I am so so so thankful I had the chance to come spend some time with you, Uncle Tommy and Aunt Nancy earlier this year. We are so much alike and I’ve turned to you with things I knew only you could fully understand – so happy you’re my family and I cannot wait to see you grow after you make this big move!

Eileen: You and I have gotten along so well from day one. We are so much alike and I look up to you, especially when it come to fitness. Keep on keepin’ on and I hope to see you soon!

There are so many people who have been there for me, who have gone out of their way when they didn’t have to at all and who have been an inspiration to me – probably without knowing it. I could go on and on about all the people I appreciate and why… the one’s I’ve highlighted above are just the people I’m closest to and I love each and every one of you so very much!

Okay okay… I’m done with the sappy “i was down in the dumps but now i’m back” post… stay tuned for more topics in the coming days and weeks!

Think dating, fitness, nutrition, obstacles (literally and figuratively), friends, family, my dog, roommates and oh so much more in life!



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