I’m a nerd.

Okay so, we’ve already covered the fact that I’m a bit of a grammar Nazi. I have this overwhelming urge to correct one’s misspeaking or mistyping or even gasp texting. It’s bad sometimes… I really have to be careful not to correct.

My grammar isn’t perfect by any means. I say I’m a nerd because when it comes time for someone to proof-read something for me… I get excited and it’s like a challenge to me to see if I can get a clean paper back! I know, I know, confessions of a nerd here that you don’t care about. Oh! Maybe I’ll include a grammar lesson in here one day!! 🙂


Anyhow, along with being a grammar freak, I also really enjoy self assessments. My favorite for the longest time was the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, until my friend Dave (you can check out his blog here) introduced me to Strengths Finder 2.0.

What these two assessments have done for me, and could do for you, is introduce me to the positive sides of strengths that are sometimes seen by others as negative. I’m a very outspoken, opinionated person and people are taken aback when I confront them about something they’ve done that bothers me (because I expect the same). This has been a recurring negative theme in relationships throughout my life; whether it be friendship, family or romantic relationships.

Here are a few things I’ve learned about myself that I’m continuously making a conscious effort to portray positively. I highly encourage you to take an assessment of your choosing (these just happen to be my favorites) and take responsibility for creating self-awareness that will in turn allow for self-improvement.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator: Extroversion Sensing Thinking Judging aka “The Supervisor”


1. I am a fan of rules and procedures – I’m also a fan of math. I like for there to be one right answer so as to leave very little for interpretation.

2. “Sociable and civic-minded, Supervisors are pillars of their community. They worry a good deal about society falling apart, morality decaying, standards being undermined, traditions being lost… ” This is where my urge to volunteer comes in – if you know me, you know that I’m always looking for opportunities to get involved. I have to be careful because I have a tendency to over-commit.

3. “... they may not always be responsive to the points of view and emotions of others, and can jump to conclusions too quickly. They may not always be willing to listen patiently to opposing views, and are particularly vulnerable to this tendency when in positions of authority”.  Although at first glance, this may seem like a very negative thing, I’m thankful to know this about myself. I pay special attention to opposing views and constantly practice better listening skills because of this.

4. I’m good at scheduling, I like to plan, I am detail oriented, loyal, hard-working and “no matter how successful they become, Supervisors are always looking for ways of improving themselves”. 

5. I am conscientious. Birthdays and Anniversaries have always been something I’ve made an effort to remember. And, apparently, my “children will become well-mannered, hard-working, productive members of society”.  Ha! Well that’ll be great if I ever get to that point in life!

Although this is a very brief overview of ESTJ, I am always researching traits of my personality type in order to better know myself.

Strengths Finder 2.0 – I love this because it not only identifies strengths, but it also provides suggestions for application. My top five strengths at this time are: Activator, Relator, Communication, Command and Self-Assurance. Ideas for Action – as suggested by Strengths Finder 2.0



  1. Seek work in which you can make your own decisions and act upon them (oh how I wish I had taken this assessment five years ago).
  2. You can transform innovative ideas into immediate action. Look for creative and original thinkers, and help them move their ideas from conceptual theory to concrete practice.


  1. Find a workplace in which friendships are encouraged. You will not do well in an overly formal organization. In job interviews, ask about work styles and company culture.
  2. Let it be known that you are more interested in the character and personality of others than in their status or job title. This is one of your greatest talents and can serve as a model for others.


  1. You will always do well in roles that require you to capture people’s attention. Think about a career in teaching, sales, marketing, ministry, or the media. Your Communication talents are likely to flourish in these areas.
  2. Keep getting smarter about the words you use. They are a critical currency. Spend them wisely, and monitor their impact.


  1. Consider taking the lead on a committee. You have definite ideas about what you would like to see happen, and you can naturally influence a group to follow you. You might be comfortable spearheading new initiatives.
  2. Find a cause you believe in and support it. You might discover yourself at your best when defending a cause in the face of resistance.


  1. Your exceptionally hard work and long hours are natural products of the passion and confidence you feel about your work. Don’t assume that others are similarly wired.
  2. You can be decisive, even when things get dynamic and distracting. When there is chaos around you, intentionally display and share the calm and certainty within you. This will give others comfort and security.

If you’ve gotten this far learning about me… congratulations! I know I’m a boring human being and this stuff couldn’t possibly be of interest to you. But, if you took anything away from this posting, I hope it’s this: Self-assessments provide an educated interpretation of your personality, strengths and habits that can be applied for continuous self-improvement and understanding.

Cheers! Happy learning!


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