I’m Single and yes… I downloaded Tinder.

Yes… I know… surprise surprise, right? You know how I know for sure I’m single and people are beginning to worry?!

My Mom keeps encouraging me to make a profile online again…. yep.

Valentine’s Day and I have had a long history of hatred, dread and shear disgust. It’s a day that rolls around once a year that I just can’t stand. Well.. couldn’t stand.

As I learn more about myself, I become more confident in who I am and the choices I make. And today, I was finally able to enjoy a Valentine’s Day or “Singles Awareness Day” without feeling down about being single. Today… I was able to honestly be happy for those around me that have found their one – without being bitter about it!


If you know me at all… you know that this is a huge accomplishment for “little miss I hate this over commercialized bs joke of a holiday”!

Little Landon (pictured above) is my handsome Valentine this year. As for the flowers – every girl deserves flowers now and again. Whether it’s in celebration of something or just because.

Oh yes I did. No one else was going to do it – so I got my own! I even treated myself to a drop in Hot Yoga class at Hot House Yoga.


In this incredible journey called life, I cannot wait to find my one, but I’m sure as heck not going to stop living my life because I’m searching for him. Here I go again with putting these embarrassing things out there – remember that I find blogging liberating?! (I have to remind myself)

I’ve had a profile on match.com, okcupid.com, pof.com and now I’m giving this tinder app a go. No, there isn’t anything wrong with me. I just truly believe that there is only one person out there for me and I haven’t met him yet. If it isn’t right, I’m not going to waste my time or yours. This is the kind of love I want and deserve ❤

So, tonight I met someone from said app out for dinner. We had only messaged a few times but I figured “why not?! no harm done if I’m not doing anything anyway, right?”  – wrong.

Note to self: meet for coffee, a drink… etc. DO NOT commit to a full meal with someone you’ve never even had a full phone conversation with.

As if the 45 minute wait to be seated followed by an hour and half of small talk (there was  a constant lull in conversation) wasn’t bad enough – I let him talk me into sharing plates of his choice or by his recommendation. Oy! Let’s just say I was not able to stick to my diet or enjoy my meal.

Though I’ve had far worse “first meetings” – I’m beginning to see the value in paying for an online dating service vs. a free app/profile.

As for Tinder:

  • Yes – you “like” or “x” someone solely based on their Facebook picture the app pulled but I see two plus-sides to this: 1. We are all attracted initially based on appearance anyway so this doesn’t really change anything and 2. It’s pulled from Facebook so I feel it is more likely this person actually exists…
  • I am a fan of the need for a mutual “like” before a conversation can be had
  • The lack of profile eliminates some make or break factors that are necessary for choosing to meet someone in person – there is no way of seeing if someone smokes, drinks, has children, has been married before, is currently married, etc. but then again.. it’s an online profile. You can write/select whatever you choose.
  • I don’t think many people on here are actually interested in dating anyone…

I guess we’ll see! I’ll give this app another chance or two, I suppose. Until then, I’ll be happily single and pursuing a better me!


Happy Valentine’s Day Ya’ll! Grab the one you love and realize that everyday should be about putting them first. ❤


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