Crossfit and Week 1

May 5, 2014 is the magic date for me! This will end my 90 day challenge and will be another milestone in my 2014 fitness journey. Today marks the end of Week One of my 90 Day Challenge and I’m 3 lbs down – 0.3 body fat down and 1% increase in body water! And I haven’t even gotten my genetic test results back yet!!


I’m famous for signing myself up for things like 5Ks and 8Ks without training for them and those events end up being the only running I really get in for the year. I’m also incredibly good at diving in head first – fitness from zero to five days a week, terrible diet to super clean diet, etc. so I get burnt out quickly.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein

What I’m doing differently:

  • Body key and Nutrilite are helping me incorporate daily vitamins, minerals and natural supplements to help ensure that I’m getting a balanced and nutritional diet.
  • I’m publicizing it. As embarrassing as it may seem or as uninterested as you may be, this is my way of holding myself accountable.
  • I’m mixing it up! My vice is Crossfit – I love the sense of community, the competitive nature and how it pushes me to my limits. But it isn’t an end-all-be-all form of exercise for me. I’ve joined the YMCA 10K Training Team in order to force myself to run, Barre Boutique is a great complement to the strains of Crossfit for smaller muscle isolation and this Friday, I’ll treat myself to a Hot Yoga drop in at Bikram Yoga.

I do not have a specific weight in mind or even a body fat percentage. I do have performance goals and ‘feel good’ goals, however. I also refuse to buy any clothing larger than what I currently own. My goal is to simply push myself and see what my body is capable of – the feel good results will follow.

West End Crossfit has been a blessing. I’m still new to the community but I feel welcome every time I’m there. Jen &  Time Grabham do an awesome job ensuring that the coaches they bring on staff are well-educated. Not only in the fundamental elements of Crossfit, but in proper form, mobility, constructive criticism and nutrition.

I’ve been going four to five times a week for almost a month now and have already seen some great improvements.

  1.  My previous dead lift PR was 140 lbs – since going to WECF, I’ve been able to up that to 170
  2. My previous front squat PR was 95 lbs – it’s now 105
  3. My ankle mobility leaves a lot to be desired and I’ve struggled for years to go below parallel in any squat position – I still have work to do on this.. but I’ve seen major improvements already

There is so much more to come.. I can’t wait! My 2014 Fitness Goals & Adventures – let me know if you want to join me!!

  • March 15 – learn how to play kickball – ha! I took a leap of faith and did a very scary thing.. I signed up as an individual player in a rec league kickball team – I’ve never played before and I’m letting the league just stick me on a random team – eek!
  • March 29 – Ukrop 10K: run/jog the whole thing
  • May 17 – Color Me Rad 5K: help my Mom and Sister jog their first 5K
  • June 14 – Tough Mudder with Dad and West End Crossfit
  • August 23 – Spartan Super
  • More to come as I learn about them!!

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