Do something that scares you, part two.

Welcome to The Banque. My best friend Maggie and I used to frequent this place a couple of times a week a few years ago. We knew almost all the dances, loved to two-step and had become “regulars” here… ha! We loved it so much because it was just good, ol’fashioned fun every time we went. As you can see from the video of me dancing terribly… this past Saturday was the first time we had been back in a while.

And, the best thing happened! The girls I wrote that message to, the ones I missed and truly wanted to mend things with, they responded. There’s no better feeling in the world than catching up with someone you truly care about and miss having in your life. I’m blessed to have been able to do that with not one, not two, but THREE people from my past last weekend.

Film title: Sex and the City: The Movie

I got to have dinner with one person from my past and meet his daughter. It’s amazing how having a child can positively change someone so much. He’s grown into an amazing father and it was awesome to catch up with him. Another was able to join a group of us, along with her wonderful fiance, at The Banque. She’s a beautiful blushing bride-to-be and I’ve never seen her happier in my life. The other joined us for a girl’s lunch on Sunday – she’s newly married, happier than ever and on her to way to starting a family of her own.

I couldn’t be happier to see how life has treated these people. It’s been a truly amazing journey for all of us and I look forward to having those people in my life in the future.

IMG_2778 IMG_2785


As for my fitness journey, Saturday was my first day with the YMCA 10 Training Team  and I (of course) missed the memo that we were meeting at a local school instead of the YMCA so I missed the 8:00 am run with my friend Megan and had to do the 8:30 am run – which Megan ended up joining me for and subjecting herself to round two. You’re welcome Megan! The pants (shown above) were a hit.

I was reminded that running is not for me, I hate the cold and running in the cold causes windburn. So… I headed out for a two-mile run at 5:30 am on Monday! I proceeded to subject myself to a 4:30 pm WOD at West End Crossfit … and began this morning with a WOD at 6:00 am. has been a lifesaver! The above recipe is super easy, very filling and a great fuel to start my day. Hers looks a lot prettier than mine, but hey, it gets the job done. Along with a cup of hot water with lemon (great morning routine and sub for coffee)!

I’m posting my plans and current efforts in order to keep myself accountable. I was at the 6:00 am WOD this morning but I was supposed to come home and run another two miles as well… and didn’t. So, tomorrow will be 6:00 am WOD and two-mile run after work. – yell at me if you see me doing otherwise!! :o) I have a statistics project to gather data on!


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