Hello Beautiful.



Tonight, I got my arse kicked. Well… I suppose it more like I pinched, squeezed and lifted my own arse. Many, many times. Then I somehow become a lime wedge, then a martini glass- it was quite the experience.

Now that I have your attention or my lower extremities have your attention…  a friend of mine owns the Barre Boutique in Carytown and she invited me to try out a class tonight. I spent most of my life in a dance studio (prior to 20 years of age) and I’m thinking “Sure, I can hold my own, why not”  – ha! Not the easy-as-pie class I had imagined. It was great!

I was challenged to the point of shaking in body parts I forgot I had. As I made my way through this class, I am reminded of the necessity of a balanced fitness routine. For anyone who is into Crossfit like I am, this would be a perfect complement. I imagine all of the instructors are as energetic, encouraging and tough as Lauren was tonight and I highly recommend checking it out!

Oy! I’m going to be sore tomorrow – ah it hurts so good. 


On another note – I want to commend a friend and inspiration of mine for starting her own blog today. I met Eileen a few years ago when I enlisted her as my personal a**kicker. Obviously I got way more out of the coaching relationship than I paid for – I gained a friend, a confidant, and a cheerleader – and in turn, I became the same for her as well.

Eileen has an amazing dedication to her physique and I know you’ll enjoy stopping by to check out her journey too.

Well – it’s bedtime for me. I decided that if I’m ever going to be able to get up and work out before work again, I’m going to have to start laying down some rules for myself. Bedtime is one of them.

Sweet Dreams Ya’ll!


2 thoughts on “Hello Beautiful.

  1. Actually.. it was hardly a dance class at all – the whole class was structured around isolating muscle groups and working with very small, high rep, movements. You should definitely try it out!

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