A better me or you… up to you!

So I know we’ve just met – I mean like three days ago, right?!

But, I think I’m becoming a little preoccupied with you. All I can think about is my next topic and whether or not it’ll be a good read… how I can possibly word my life’s lessons in a way that might provide any sort of clarity or motivation for another person. It’s so invigorating!

Life dealt an awesome hand to both my sister and I, and much to my parent’s dismay, roughly around the same time. (that was sarcasm, you know, since we’re still getting to know one another)

Anyway, my sister and I couldn’t be further from opposites.


She’s my baby sister and about five inches taller than me, she just got married this past summer to a wonderful man, she’s absolutely hilarious and she knows just what to do when you’ve had a bad day. She ran to my rescue the minute she found out I was dismissed from the MBA program. And, she started her own blog – which in turn – inspired me to do the same.

In the perfect storm of crying, whining and a ‘woe is me’ attitude from both of us last weekend, self-image came up (go figure – we’re girls, aren’t we?). And just like every year around this time, we started looking at where we currently are and where we want to go.  This week, both she and I (and our Mom, yay!) took steps toward a better us.

Color Me Rad is Mom & Sister’s goal… so to respond in good kind, I’ll be there too! Dad and I have Tough Mudder on our to-do list this year – if I’m lucky maybe they’ll feel crazy and sign up with us… 🙂

IMG_2758[1] 2013-05-15 19.09.00

In two days I will begin my CrossFit journey for the last time. Above is a picture of my visual – my current stats. And next to it is my initial goal – me in July 2013. I look forward to keeping you all posted on my journey to fit enough for a Tough Mudder! And, possibly a Spartan.

Cheers to my family and everyone else out there making moves toward a better you. Now, let’s make it last beyond January, shall we!?


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