Picking up the pieces

I wouldn’t be who I am if I didn’t expressly display an immediate need to fix every problem I encounter. Usually the problem is not self-inflicted – in fact, it usually has nothing to do with me at all. But, I still want to fix it.

This time, it is entirely MY PROBLEM … and the scariest thing about it is that I don’t know how to fix it.

Since learning on January 3rd, 2014 that I have been dismissed from the M.B.A. program, I’ve contacted VCU, William & Mary, ODU, CNU and UVA asking to be allowed to register as a non-degree seeking student in a graduate level statistics course – in hopes that I would be able to have a tangible solution to present to the Graduate Council as to why I should be allowed to continue my studies at University of Richmond.

Readmission isn’t guaranteed though so I have to consider my other options. I’ve looked into Graduate programs for a M.B.A. and a M.H.A. and every program I’ve found will accept nine transfer credits – if I’m lucky. This thought alone makes me sick to my stomach. The time, effort and money I’ve put into those 24 credits only be the reduced to a mere nine…

If I wait a year, I can reapply to UR and hope for the best. If I do this, it’ll be in the Spring when intakes are low, unusual or non-existent. If I’m not readmitted, I’ll be applying for programs to begin in Fall 2015 and start at square one with two more years of schooling ahead of me.

What to do… everything of course!


I’ve enrolled in a Stats course at VCU for Spring 2014 that won’t transfer to UR – my only hopes in taking this course are showing the Graduate Council that I am willing to do anything to be readmitted and am capable of achieving an A in a Stats course. Best case scenario – I’m readmitted contingent upon this grade. Worst case – I learn Statistics!

In the meantime, I’ll be preparing for and applying to programs in VA and TX and furthering my education in the aging population via seminars and training. Thankfully I know my long-term goals… this is just an unexpected fork in the road that’s going to cost me a lot of time and money! But hey, what would life be if it was always easy?!


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